Upgrade and Replacement

Most of the energy usage in your home comes from your comfort system. Our goal is to educate you and help you to make an informed decision for your home comfort solution. We will custom design/build a system that achieves your goals. Proper sizing is critical to ongoing performance and comfort. Oversized equipment costs more to purchase, never reaches optimum efficiency levels, and will suffer greater wear and tear due to repeated startup and shutdown. Inadequately sized equipment will not give you the proper amount of comfort and shortened service life due to overuse. Redmond’s Complete Comfort always completes a heat loss calculation of your home which calculates proper sizing of your equipment to guarantee complete comfort for your family. It should never be sized based on the previous model because of energy saving measures that may have been completed over the years. Added insulation, new windows, renovations, and age and number of occupants impact the heat gain/heat loss, changing load requirements.

What to Expect from RCC’s Comfort Specialist:

  • Respect your family and home
  • Provide you with a whole home heat loss analysis
  • Free in home energy solution provided in one visit to save you time
  • Financing options available with approved credit
  • Education on you with several solutions for you to make an informed decision
  • We will respect any decision you make