Who We Are at RCC:

  • Provide customer with great service
  • We care about our customer needs –Build relationships
  • Take care of customers like they are family
  • Offer best service possible for every situation
  • Respectful, professional, and courteous at all times
  • Working as a team on all levels.
  • Our goal is to be the best HVAC service company in Clinton County and surrounding areas.

Our Story: 

First and Foremost we are the first and ONLY Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer in Clinton County.  RCC has been built from the ground up by Brian and Tera Redmond.  They’ve combined their knowledge and experiences and RCC was born with a vision to provide an honest company in our community that would provide a high quality service to the customers in Clinton County and surrounding areas.  We asked ourselves what customers want from an HVAC company.  We have found that the consumers of HVAC equipment are in need of being educated so they could make an informed decision prior to a purchase.  The knowledge they need ranges from what would be suitable for their style of home to understating the importance of proper maintenance and installation.   As we continue to investigate these questions we have found that a diversified team is what tour community needed.  RCC has built a strong team of well rounded individuals who know and understand the importance of helping our customers find answers to any problem they have in their home.   We have been humbled by the support of our customers and the community to which we strive to give back to and have thoroughly enjoyed getting involved.  RCC is here to stay.